The DUO Bundle
The DUO Bundle
The DUO Bundle
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The DUO Bundle

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The DUO- 90's & 2000's Hip Hop/R & B Edition and 90's R & B Expansion Pack


Decks will take 2-3 business days to be processed and shipped.

UPS Ground, 2 Day & Next Day is available when requested. Contact for this shipping option.

Are you ready to turn up at your game night? Be prepared to rap your favorite rhyme or sing your favorite R&B line.

Grab two or more players (pick your teammates wisely) and take turns answering questions about 90’s and 2000’s Hip Hop and R&B hits. 

Hold up, that’s not it.  Just when you think you have the right answer, a challenge card can be issued at anytime that will test everyone's knowledge a little more.

Gameplay Options

Regular Gameplay (Included in your deck box and can be found on our instructions tab on our website) 

21 & Over Drinking Gameplay (Please see Instructions tab on our website) 

Between both decks:

220 Playing Card

10 Challenge Cards

Check out our reviews! The People don't lie! They say it's Fireeeeeee!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tiffany A.

It was fun playing this game with friends. Some of the questions noone knew the answers and then the rest answers were automatic. This is a must have game.

Nichole T.

It took over a month to get these cards delivered to me in the US.

Wassup Nichole,

It absolutely sucks that it took a month to receive your decks. We wished we controlled all aspects of shipping but unfortunately we don't. We are sorry about your shipping delay.

We ship all orders 24- 48 hours after orders are received outside of pre-sale items. USPS has had major shipping delays since the start of COVID.

We just aren't aware of any shipping delays unless we are advised. We can always help with getting more information from any shipping carrier after any order is shipped.

We are happy that your game has arrived. Enjoy the game and let us know how we can help with anything else.

We got nothin' but luv for ya

The Team LC

Dj S.B.
5 stars!!!

I’ve been using this game during my karaoke sets and the crowd absolutely loves it! Can’t wait to play this again! Great deck!

Awesome fun

I liked it. it has some easy questions and some harder ones so it makes it more interesting and challenging. I also like the way that it brings together people and you get to sing. Played it for my birthday lots of laughs.

Christina P.
Can’t Wait

Bought this game for my birthday game night. I haven’t played it yet but my Husband and I reviewed it and I just know there’s going to be a lot of singing and yelling. Can’t wait. Hopefully you guys come out with more packs.

Fun On The Go

I ordered Lyrically Correct to have during a Bachelorette weekend trip out of the country and it did not disappoint! We played on the long van rides on the way to excursions, while chilling at the pool on the resort, and would play the songs after each question. Very nostalgic and fun for the whole group.