General Play

Gameplay Instructions 
For Ages 18+

Lyrically Correct is a verbal game played with two teams of one or more players on each team, a deck of 140 game cards, 10 challenge cards and a timer. (We suggest using the timer on your mobile phone) 

Game Setup and Play:

1. Players are divided into two teams. (Team A and Team B)

2. Each team takes a color set of challenge cards

3. The remaining 140 game cards should be shuffled and placed in a pile between both teams.

4. Each team selects 1 player to represent their team per round. A round is complete when each of these two players have both asked and answered a series of game card questions.

5. The round begins with the player from Team A selecting a question card from the pile.

6. The 60-second timer begins when the player from Team A begins reading the questions to the player from Team B.

7. The player answering the game play questions will attempt to answer as many questions correctly as possible before the 60-seconds are up. Each time a question is answered correctly, that card is placed into a pile. Only the player selected for each gameplay round may answer the questions asked. 

8. The answering player may pass if they are unsure of an answer. If a player passes or answers incorrectly, that card is placed in a separate pile, a new card is selected, and the round continues. 

9. Players then switch roles and Team B reads the question cards and Team A answers.

Using Challenge Cards:

1. A challenge card can be used against the opposing team at any time during the game.

2. Each team can only use one challenge card per round. 

3. Anyone on the team may issue a challenge card while that team is the questioning team. (Example: If the person representing Team B is reading the cards, any member of Team B may issue a challenge card after a question is answered.)

4. When a challenge card has been issued, the 60-second game timer is paused. A new 30-second timer begins once the challenge question is read.

5. Unlike the game cards, challenge questions are issued to the entire team and anyone may answer. If answered correctly, the team gets 3 points. If answered incorrectly or times runs out, the opposing team gets the 3 points.

6. Each challenge card may only be used once per game.


1. At the end of each player’s turn, points are tallied.

2. Each card stacked in the correct pile represents 1 point for the team.

3. Each card stacked in the incorrect/pass pile represents a -1 point deduction from the team. 

4. Challenge cards are worth 3 points. If answered correctly, the team gets the points, if answered incorrectly or time runs out, the opposing team gets the points.

5. When all cards have been read, the team with the most points is declared the winner.