A Mother's Day Special

A Mother's Day Special

Is your mom kinda like one of the moms we all watched on TV back in the day? If that’s the case, you better sit back, relax, and find out if the sitcom moms on this list remind you of your mom.

Moms are a gift from God and with that precious gift comes a blessed experience. Different moms express their love for us in different ways. Some go for that tough love while others prefer soft parenting. At the end of the day, all our mommas wanna do is love us and guide us to be the best people we can possibly be. 

We see different types of moms on TV and sometimes we even see similarities between these TV characters and our own moms. So, we at LC made a list of sitcom moms we grew up watching. We know we can see our momma in many of them. How about you?  

Read on if you wanna know which mom is a lot like yours and which of our decks give out the same vibe: 

1. Is your mom righteous and god-fearing? Does she make sure that you are on the right path and avoid bad influences in your life?

Then she must be like Florida Evans from Good Times (1974).

Florida Evans makes sure that her kids go down a righteous path, even if it means being brutally honest about the bad choices her kids are making. She juggles a couple of jobs because she wants to give her kids all the things they deserve. With her mighty moral compass, Florida Evans lives a good life with her family even if it isn’t luxurious.

2. Does your mom seem like the all-around type? Do your friends love her and wish she was their mom too? 

Then your mom must be a lot like Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show (1984).

Claire Huxtable is a universally enjoyed character that reflected a lot of Black moms rarely represented in the media back then. She's smart, stylish, and never loses an argument. But she is also patient and loving. With her outspoken mind and balanced nature, she earns the respect of everyone she meets. Her kids respect her the same way she respects them because she believes in and has taught them the concept of equality.

3. Does your mom seem to know just what to say in every situation? Does she give you the “mom look” all the time?

Well, maybe your mom is similar to Harriet Winslow from Family Matters (1989).

All moms can do the “mom look,” that stare your mother gives you that has chills running up and down your spine. Harriet Winslow has perfected this mom look, but unlike a lot of the moms portrayed on TV, she doesn’t follow it up with a bunch of yelling when you get home. Instead, Harriet is known to be a sage of wisdom who talks with conviction. Moms like Harriet always know what to say no matter what situation you’re in. When you get yourself in trouble, she gives you the perfect advice and drops a little witty statement to end the conversation.

4. Is your mom a multi-talented, headstrong lady with the most iconic queen behavior you’ve ever seen? Does she treat all your friends and cuzins like they’re her own kids? 

Seems like your mom is a Vivian Banks type of mother from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1996).

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an unforgettable sitcom and one of the most iconic characters in it will always be the one and only Vivian Banks a.k.a Aunt Viv. Aunt Viv is a pop culture icon that was always the voice of reason in the household. Between Will's mischievousness, Uncle Phil's temper, and all the chaos that goes on, she embodies the calm and balanced woman that keeps the family together. She didn't let her past define her and got the reward she worked hard to get: a good career and a great family. And wow, that woman can dance.

5. Do you have a more down-to-earth mom? Is she mostly chill but knows when to step up and give you a good talk when you need it? 

Then your mom must be like Rainbow Johnson from Black-ish (2014).

There’s no handbook to being a mother but Rainbow, also known as Bow, shows us that being a mother is capital C “Complicated.” Bow is the poster child, or rather the poster mom, of modern mothers. Being a trailblazer in gender equality under the corporate scope, she makes sure that she's successful at work and at motherhood. She lets her kids feel their feelings and gives them the space to express their opinions. True to her free-spirited nature, she shows a sensitive and ambitious side. A lot of people see Bow as the crazy kooky type, but in truth, she’s just fun-loving and open about not always knowing what to do. Bow is the type of mom who is unapologetic about being human instead of superwoman.

Among these ladies, which one sounds most like your mom?

This mother’s day, let’s remember to celebrate all moms. Whether it’s our biological mom, our step-mothers, our grandmas, our aunties, and all the mother figures that have helped us become who we are now. Being a mother is far from being easy. Because of that, they deserve to be appreciated everyday.

If you found a sitcom mom from this list that reminds you of your mom, take a screenshot and tag us on Instagram!

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