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Why Jay-Z's Grammy Speech was a Powerful Moment

During the 66th Grammy's Award show, a room full of the most elite artists and executives filled the seats to witness it, even hoping to win a Grammy or two.

One of those star-studded celebrities was Jay-Z who came to the Grammy's with his wife, Beyonce, and his eldest daughter, Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z won the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award this year and brought his eldest daughter with him on stage to receive it.

His acceptance speech was one of the highlights of the entire award show and for such good reasons!

Don't worry. We'll break it down for you!

Why Jay-Z's Speech was a Powerful Moment:

1. It was unexpected but necessary

Award shows have a script. The only thing they can't control is the artist's speech.

But that's exactly why this was the perfect moment for Jay-Z to mention how Black artists still don't get enough recognition from The Recording Academy.

Any moment to defend Black Artists is the right moment. But the perfect moment to do so is at a time where everyone's eyes and ears are on you, and no one can interrupt.

2. He hyped up Beyoncé without bringing down other artists

A lot of people have debated what this speech was really about. At the end of the day, it was HOV reminding everyone that the Grammy's keep snubbing Black Artists.

He used Beyoncé as a prime example of this because he knows her well. Jay-Z has worked alongside her for decades now. He knows what she is capable of as an artist.

As for his comment about some people getting robbed and others winning awards in categories they shouldn't even be in, it's definitely open to interpretation.

3. It was a learning moment for Blue Ivy and the Recording Academy

Blue Ivy seems to have shown interest in the industry. She has her own Grammy and has been making appearances here and there, performing alongside her mom Beyoncé during the Renaissance Tour.

As a growing Black Artist herself, hearing her father's speech is a reminder that there should always be space for Black Artists in the industry.

Though the speech was a call-out to The Recording Academy, it was also something that every young artist needed to hear.

4. The ending was a positive reminder for everyone

Jay-Z ended his speech with one of the best advice one can give, which is: Keep Showing Up.

That's advice from a veteran musician, a man with 24 Grammy wins as of 2024.

"You gotta keep showing up. Until they give you all those accolades you feel you deserve. Until they call you chairman. Until they call you a genius. Until they call you the Greatest of All Time."

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