World Music Day

Celebrating Artists From One Place to Another

There are so many incredible artists rooted from different places and different walks of life. Music is so universal that we find ourselves connecting with artists from anywhere in the world because of how their music makes us feel.

They all have their own stories to share, and they all have the talent and perseverance that got them to where they are today.

Let's talk a bit about them!

1. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar ruffled some feathers with his most recent release. But outside the diss tracks, Kendrick Lamar started with songs depicting the struggles of growing up in Compton in the 80s. Like many artists, he also expresses his personal faith in God in some of his songs.

Speaking the truth and reality of his life has made his music feel like a safe space for many who grew up in similar circumstances and faced similar struggles.

His music has so many layers to it that you would need hours to decode an entire song. Truthfully, we wouldn't mind listening to him on repeat!

2. Tyla

Tyla is a rising pop star that has put South African music at the forefront of the music scene. With the rushing tides of Tiktok trending music, you hear one song go viral and never have the chance to put a name or a face to it. Not Tyla though! She has found herself being viral time and time again that it's almost impossible to not know who she is.

If you don't know her from her music, you may know her from her dancing. Her "Water" dance has become somewhat of a pop culture moment, and her other moves since then have been replicated by the masses on Tiktok and in real life!

She's come a long way from posting Youtube videos of her singing Justin Bieber at age 11 to winning a Grammy award at age 22. It is only the beginning for this pretty girl from Johannesberg, South Africa.

3. Bad Bunny

One of the biggest and most streamed artists in the world currently is Bad Bunny, a.k.a Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio. Hearing his music would make you want to put his songs on repeat four hours.

Back in 2016, Bad Bunny was bagging groceries, and just 4 years later, he was performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show and winning a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album.

He has always expressed that he will do all things with authenticity. That authenticity is what connects him with his fans and creates a safe space for them. This is why so many people love him, even outside his music.

4. Doja Cat

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini or Doja Cat, as we all know her, is a music staple in this generation. Many say she created a subgenre or Pop/RnB that others have tried to replicate but can't quite compete with.

Doja Cat's music and love for fashion stemmed from the women around her. From a young age, Doja Cat had so many artistic influences in her life that, paired with her talent, created the formula to her stardom.

Her music and how she conceptualizes her albums and music videos are so out of the box and exciting that you can't help but stay tuned with what she does next.

5. BTS

Getting into the American music scene is a one-in-a-million chance. With millions of artists trying to get into the music charts, it's safe to say that it's not easy to be a global sensation these days. With that said, the South Korean boy group, BTS, has taken the world by storm and beat the odds.

Breaking through the tough language barriers and the unfortunate discrimination in the music industry is a huge feat for anyone outside the US. But these seven boys made it happen. Their fame led to more Asian artists being recognized for their talents.

It's almost hard to believe that all seven of them used to share one dorm room and one bathroom together as trainees, and now they all have their own properties in the most prestigious areas around Seoul.

As they shared their hardships before fame, they stayed to share each others' successes.

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