Young Folks Ain't Ready

Young Folks Ain't Ready

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Young Folks Ain't Ready - 90's & 2000's Hip Hop/R & B Edition, Revival The Gospel Edition & Oldies but Goodies Deck 


Put on them matching T-shirts, put that grill on, and get ready for a fun-filled time with but drama and laughter. This Combo pack has a lil something for the entire family. 

Original Deck - 140 Trivia Cards based on the 90s and 2000s Hip-Hop and R&B + 10 Challenge Cards

Gospel Deck - 140 Trivia Cards based on Gospel music classics + 10 Challenge Cards
Oldies But Goodies Deck- 140 Trivia Cards based on the classic hits from the 6

Gameplay Options: 

Gameplay Instructions in our Hip-Hop & R/B and Gospel Deck (Please see Instructions tab on our website) 


Check out our reviews! The People don't lie! They say it's Fireeeeeee!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tara P.
Very fun

I bought this game for our family to play at thanksgiving and Christmas. We had sooooo much fun! We had 3 generations playing at the same time so no one was really left out. We are going to add a microphone and make people sing the song as their answer at Christmas!! Lol

Marquita T.
A Huge Hit At Thanksgiving!

Shout out to y’all for this game! When I tell you my family absolutely loved this game, I mean they LOVED it! We played after Thanksgiving dinner and desserts and it got real. A time was had by all and several people asked for the information on where they could order. Great product!

Avril S.
Fun for the Family

This game is so much fun! I played it with my sister and bro-in-law while on a road trip and we had the best time! I can’t wait to play it with the whole family during Thanksgiving. My only complaint—why isn’t there an 80’s Hip/Hop & R&B pack??? I would buy that in a heartbeat!!

Tarita A.
Great Family Fun

Great way to include all of your family in game night, the gospel and oldies deck get the real aunties involved!

Victor J.
Bundle Pack

My family and myself enjoyed the game. We had a ton of laughs and shock for the knowledge or lack there of multiple song lyrics from different genres. Great game!